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Thoroughly enjoying the 35mm course at The Darkroom Beach Creative and highly recommend it if you want to learn or refresh 35mm skills but also, I am finding it beneficial to my creativity generally. Such is the slowness of analogue/35mm photography, that I have yet to see the results of my endeavours back into it over the last 6 months, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Digital photography on our phones is so instant, so immediate that we click away without thinking about the image we are creating, which we can manipulate in programmes and apps anyway. Even before seeing ones results it quickly becomes apparent when using black and white film that colour is no longer relevant, that texture, form and structure are going to create a far more interesting images and then there is the issue of 24 or 36 frames, no more crazily clicking away, you can’t afford to waste film. There is something about slow processes, whether it’s making bread, sewing, collaging with scis

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